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Steidle Company History Over 10 years

Steidle Lawn and Landscape, LLC began in January, 2002.  After fifteen years in corporate America, Ron Steidle decided that it was time to start something very special.  Lawn mowing and landscaping always was a passion, but if it wasn’t for the corporate training and college, “I wouldn’t have been prepared to start a small business", Ron says.


Thankfully, his wife agreed when he came home that day in late 2001 and told her “I just want to build my own business”.  She said, “Do what you want because I know you'll be good at it.” 


With a helper, “We started every morning out of my garage at my house.  I wasn’t making many friends with the neighbors.  Eventually my wife suggested the neighbors probably didn’t appreciate being woke up at 5am every morning by us doing oil changes on the equipment in the garage.” 


It didn’t take long before it was time to move the company operations to a new facility.  “Now, I’m friends with my neighbors again.”  In 2017, Ron and his wife will celebrate 26 years.


Following The Dream

Ron’s dream was to build a company that specialized in one-stop-shopping for all the customer’s outdoor needs.  Steidle Lawn & Landscape, LLC is a full service lawn and landscape installation and maintenance company servicing St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren, and Lincoln counties. 


Over the many years, the company has worked to provide superior, on-time service.  In 2013, they counted over 40 years of combined experience between the eleven employees.  It has always been the goal to find, properly compensate, and retain the best teammates.  When you build the best teams, you can set and reach landscaping service standards and expectations.  “When your teams are good at what they do, the customer’s expectations are consistently met and you can focus on growth rather than fixing your mistakes”, he says.

“This is the reputation we will continue to enjoy with our current and new landscaping, stormwater and snow removal customers.  And I will always be thankful to my wife for her support and continued shared passion toward my dream.”


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